Mindful movement to increase strength, flexibility, balance and confidence - both physically and mentally. 

Offering group, small group and one-on-one yoga and pilates sessions in the Vancouver-Whistler region and on Vancouver Island. Sessions can be tailored to suit any level of fitness and ability. You already have all you need to begin!


Public yoga classes

A strong and grounded vinyasa practice, combining pilates stabilisation principles, breath and meditation. A place to connect, breathe, move, explore, play - and come home to your body and your environment.

Suitable for both beginners and more experienced yoga practitioners.

Regular (weekly) yoga and pilates classes currently on hold. Stay tuned for pop-up classes.


Private and small group classes

One on one sessions or small group classes (2-4 people) tailored to your needs.

Sessions are tailored to your body, your passions, your vision and your goals. Classes can incorporate sport-specific or rehab-specific exercises, as well as meditation, pranayama (breathing) and minfulness. 

1-2 people - $85/hr |   3-4 people - $100/hr