Women's Leadership & Self-care Coaching
Unleash creativity.  |  Speak truth.  |  Share wisdom.  |  Find balance.

Our world needs the wise counsel of women like never before. It needs passionate, creative, intuitive, vibrant and courageous female leaders - in family, in business, government and community.

This is about your right to choose the content and form of your life. It's about your ability to shape the beliefs and structures of our world by honouring and courageously expressing the truth of your wild heart.

Live your joy.  |  Express.  |  Inspire.  |  Connect.  |  Lead with heart.

Holistic coaching for wild-hearted women & leaders

Holistic one-on-one coaching sessions for women with passion, power and creativity to share.

We'll address mind, body and soul to empower your unique, feminine expression of authentic leadership – while empowering you to nourish yourself and maintain balance in life.

The coaching program blends mindfulness, self-awareness, practical communication and leadership skills, with creative practice, art, movement and healthy living to support you to:

Unleash your voice - speak with courageous honesty, unashamed clarity and powerful vulnerability.
Honour and express your boundaries, while showing compassion for others.
Amplify your emotional resilience - ride the waves of life with greater ease.
Allow & share your joy - make time and space for your passion, creativity and sensuality.
Boost creativity and express yourself freely.
Lead confidently and inspire collaboration and connection.
Love your body - harness the wisdom of your body and feel good about you.
Know and love yourself deeply - nourish self-awareness and self-acceptance.


You're a woman with something to give...

And you can feel it - even if you don't know exactly what it is, or how it will find form in your life. You’ve got fire in the belly; and love in your heart. You're ready to explore your creativity, share your wisdom and unleash your passion and voice... You're ready to set yourself free! 

There's more to you than meets the eye. And you’re exploring how to balance all of the pieces. How to lead honestly, courageously and in a way that is true to you and your life as a woman. How to meet your needs and honour your expression, intuition and creativity, while contributing to the world around you - balancing family, relationship, community and you.


Your journey...

The coaching journey is different for every person. We tailor your sessions to meet your unique challenges and dreams and to support you along the path to your authentic expression and inspired life. 

Coaching sessions include a tailored blend of the following elements:

a powerful and loving approach to self-awareness and self-reflection - the key to uncovering your gifts, power, voice, creativity, sensuality and intuition;
practical facilitation, collaborative leadership and communication skills training - directly applicable to your work, personal relationships and community life;
mindfulness and meditation practices - to maintain balance, clarity and ease;
creative practices - to free the mind, release limiting beliefs and re-write old stories;
movement and embodiment practices - to access the wisdom of the body and create new ways of moving in the world. 


As a client you also receive

personal support planning your own facilitated group processes, events, meetings, workshops or projects (whether in business, community, family, government, the arts or any other sphere) - 1.5 hrs per month;
online access to collaborative leadership resources and support materials;
online access to additional resources on women’s health, food and wellness; 
membership of the Wild Heart Women's Leadership Facebook group - a place to share and connect with other inspiring women;
5% discount on all of my group webinars or face-to-face workshops in the next 12 months.

You select how many coaching calls you'd like per month. To get started we can explore the options, my approach and your passions and interests in a free introductory call. 



Why combine leadership coaching with mindfulness, movement and creativity?

Authentic, compassionate, sustainable, balanced and powerful leadership requires us to address all levels of our being – body, mind and soul. To contribute and give to the world around us, we must be attuned to our own inner world and needs. We need to pour love in, to pour love and leadership out.

That’s hard when we’re juggling family, work/business, community and relationship. It’s easy for the scales to tip to the point where we deplete our inner reserves and hurt ourselves.

Movement, body-based practices, creativity, mindfulness and time in nature can help us to acknowledge what’s going on below the surface, while also nourishing us in important ways.

To contribute to the world around us and to lead with compassion, courage and balance requires us to:

listen to our bodies and our intuition;
explore what we find through creative/body-based/nature-based practices; and
courageously translate that awareness into grounded choice and action (via honest, clear, heart-centred communication and collaboration with others). 


The results?...

Greater self-awareness and self-acceptance.
Courageous communication.
Creative confidence, expression and innovation. 
Feel good in your skin! 
Practical skills and processes for collaborative leadership and authentic communication - in work, family, relationship and community.
Skills for facilitating safe and effective groups, teams, projects, gatherings or events.
Love your body and harvest its wisdom (even in the midst of illness).
Acknowledge your emotions and harvest and express the guidance that arises from them.
Make more time for you! ... Allow your joy, your passion and your sensuality!

If you're interested in meeting me and finding out more about the coaching sessions, you can book a free, half hour introductory call here.