An 8 week online dance journey to reclaim your innate beauty, creativity, passion and power as a woman.

Dance is a doorway to your true self. When we liberate ourselves to move, we liberate ourselves to be - wholeheartedly and authentically.

Unwind the binds of social structures and your own limiting beliefs. Touch in with your soul and learn to be guided by the wisdom that courses through your veins.

Dance pulses through every woman's soul. It is innate in us.

Dance is a direct pathway to your creative power - and the creative life force that we're all woven into. Dance heals. Dance liberates. Dance connects. Dance is your path home to your truth, your joy and your unique beauty.

Through shame, abuse and hurt, many of us have come to stifle the flow of our inherent beauty, creativity and passion. We hide our movement, we hide our power, we hide our bodies, we hide our emotions. And yet when a woman dances freely, it's pure joy, it's pure nature and it's pure love.

When women dance we heal - and that is a thing to be celebrated, honoured, treasured and nurtured.

Reclaim your right to move. Reclaim your right to embody your unique beauty and inhabit the body you were born in.

Reclaim your right to express - your emotion, your truth, your wisdom, your creativity and your power.