I'm a writer, dancer, artist, teacher, traveler and coach. I'm an inspiration-agent and co-creator. 

I'm passionate about the power of honest, heart-centred communication; the liberating force of creativity; and the wisdom of the body.

I believe we co-create the world we live in. I believe we all have gifts to share. And I believe we're all here to support one another on that journey. 

The short story about me ... I chase creativity. I dance with joy. I lead with heart. I inspire with art. 

My work – and my life – is an exploration of our ability to shape and co-create reality. As a facilitator and trainer I bring people together in conversation, movement and creativity – to re-imagine possibilities, to let go limiting beliefs, dive into the innate creativity of the human spirit and blend our wisdom while co-creating the world we want.

Through art and dance, I’m gradually discovering and embracing my ability to shape the world around me. It’s a journey I love sharing with others. Put simply, the creative process brings me joy! And maybe that’s all this is – and all that life is – an exercise in learning to dance through the unknown with joy. 

Through retreats, conscious dance classes and workshops, I create gatherings in which we can honestly and courageously communicate with one another. I seek to create spaces in which we can be and bring the fullness of ourselves - and rediscover the power, potential, wisdom, innovation and collaboration that arises when we do.

I have an abundance of enthusiasm and curiosity, which translates into a love of lifelong learning and a crazy mix of passions and vocations. I'm a trainer and Associate with the Groupwork Institute of Australia and a certified Dancing Freedom facilitator. Some days I work as a thai massage bodyworker; other days I do art, yoga, dance, write and adventure in the outdoors. My past work spans pilates and rehab, personal training and fitness, journalism, international and community development, tertiary teaching and research... And somehow, it all weaves together to nourish my philosophy and approach to life now.

My modus operandi: believe in the impossible, trust in others, stay flexible and have fun reaching the goal. 

My loves: wide open spaces and nature’s palette. Heart connection. Wild, free, expressive movement. And smiles.

My dream: communities at one with each other and the natural world to which we belong.

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"Trust the path. Stay present. And harvest what you see."