She Moves - Women's Online Dance Immersion

She Moves - Women's Online Dance Immersion

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Reconnect with your body. Liberate your soul.

Reclaim your joy, your passion, your creativity and wisdom as a woman... Come home to your body ... Dance yourself free.

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8 weeks - starts Wednesday 22nd August.

Through free-form movement and creativity you'll liberate yourself to move and express more freely in life; and tap into your innate creativity, passion and wisdom as a woman. 

When we allow ourselves to MOVE differently - we allow ourselves to BE different. Dance is a doorway to your true self. When we liberate ourselves to move, we liberate ourselves to be our whole selves - fully and authentically... And when we do, we discover a deep river of love for who we are, right here and now.

So if you're yearning to express yourself more fully in life; if you're ready to reclaim your body, your voice and your wisdom; if you're ready to rediscover your beauty, passion, joy and creativity as a woman ... Then this is for you!


Each week we explore a different theme through dance, movement, journalling and creative practice. You'll receive:

  • A filmed introduction to the week's theme and a basic movement exploration to incorporate into the week's dance practice.
  • A playlist designed specifically for the week's theme. You can play the playlists whenever and wherever you like (in your living room on your own, with a group of friends in a local hall or in the park, in the forest or on the beach!).
  • Self-reflection and journalling exercises that build on the theme for each week.
  • Access to a private Facebook group for connection and support between classes.
  • Plus three live, online dance classes throughout the duration of the 8 week program.

This is the beta version of the course... It'll be a first and I'll be experimenting with delivery mode. But as a result you're getting for a price that I'm pretty sure I won't ever offer again. Jump on in! Can't wait to move with you!

Unwind the binds of social structures and your own limiting beliefs. Touch in with your soul and learn to be guided by the wisdom that courses through your veins.

Dance pulses through every woman's soul. It is innate in us.

Dance is a direct pathway to your creative power - and the creative life force that we're all woven into. Dance heals. Dance liberates. Dance connects. Dance is your path home to your truth, your joy and your unique beauty.

Through shame, abuse and hurt, many of us have come to stifle the flow of our inherent beauty, creativity and passion. We hide our movement, we hide our power, we hide our bodies, we hide our emotions. And yet when a woman dances freely, it's pure joy, it's pure nature and it's pure love.

When women dance we heal - and that is a thing to be celebrated, honoured, treasured and nurtured.

We'll break down walls and old stifled conditioning and we'll have fun while we're at it. Because the world is ready for women who can own their emotions, express their truth, honour their boundaries, move with confidence, share their wisdom and radiate their unique joy and beauty in the world without shame. 

    "But I can't dance?!" ...

    Well, I call bullshit (excuse the language)! But seriously, if you have a body - you can dance!

    There is no choreography to learn. This program is about embracing the innate movement and flow of you and your body. It's about tapping into your intuition and wisdom through free-form movement. It's about liberating yourself from the steps and structures that bind us in life. It's about embracing your inspiration, creativity and wickedly funky, fun, sexy and wise womanly self. 

    You don't need to get more coordinated, or more flexible, or stronger to fall in love with yourself and your body RIGHT NOW. Instead, you just gotta embrace what you've got and move it