Art is an expression of gratitude for the wonder of this world – the light and the dark; the joy of this lived experience, and all of its contrasts.

Art is meditation for me. A means to see the world, reflect on the world, and engage with it. Art is play and a joyful way to explore, risk, fail, learn and then try again. It's the expression of that which may as yet be inexpressible in any other way.

I make art for the simple sake of making art. If you're drawn to anything you see, I also sell prints and originals and take on commissions. Simply contact me here if you'd like to purchase or commission a print/piece. 

The beauty of the body

Art is an ode to the beauty that abounds in nature - including the human form. Figure drawing is dancing on canvas - enraptured appreciation of the beauty of the body.

Seeing you, seeing me - Portraiture

Portraiture is an act of seeing in, as we see out. The willingness to see, the willingness to be seen. Pen, paint, pastel and ink have a way of doing their own thing - and yet they often capture something that the more 'realistic' reflections of the mirror can miss.