The somewhat longer 'story of Uschi'

I’m an inspiration-agent, wild soul and leader of my own life.  And my work is an exploration of our ability to shape and co-create the world around us.

As a groupwork facilitator, dance facilitator, artist and embodiment practitioner I aim to inspire courageous leadership, creativity and honesty.

I’m out to challenge the assumptions and neat stories we’ve packaged our society in (and our lives). I’m here to let my heart (and yours) speak freely – to see what we can co-create if we have the courage to break free.

Each day I keep challenging myself to do exactly that. But for years I didn’t. I lived the life I thought I should live. I did and said what I thought was responsible, and good, and right. I did what I thought would keep me safe, would earn me money, love and community.

I worked hard – real hard. I aced most things I tried – received scholarships, awards, topped my year, fell into good jobs with government, not-for-profits and universities. I contributed to my community, fell in love, built a beautiful home, founded two businesses, grew veggies, stayed fit, took awesome holidays, travelled here and there, created an all-round beautiful life.

And yet, something was missing. Something was gnawing at my insides. The curious wild-child who used to feel most at home in the hills and trees was restless. The adventurous soul who had always dreamed of exploring the world and uncovering its wonders started to get agitated.

Happy in the trees

I kept ignoring that wild, whispered voice inside me, until my body spoke what I couldn’t bring myself to face. As amazing as it was, the life I had wasn’t the life I truly wanted.

Chronic low back pain impelled me to start pilates. Within two years of starting I was a fully certified instructor and my journey into the world of mind-body connection had begun. As I learned to listen to my body (and help others to do the same) I discovered the innate wisdom and intuition that flows through us every moment of every day if we only learn (and have the courage) to connect with it.

Around the same time I completed an Advanced Diploma in Groupwork Facilitation – the art of bringing people together in ways that enable us to truly hear one another and be our whole selves (not just the neatly manicured personas we inhabit most of the time). I came face-to-face with our ancient, hard-wired desire to be seen and to belong – and our intense fear of being seen and rejected. I witnessed the magic that arises when we create spaces in which we can be our true selves; voice our fears, hopes, differences and visions; when we can sit in the fire of conflict to birth something greater than any of us could have imagined at the outset.

And while all that was going on, I began dancing again – and through dance, I found myself again. The wild, passionate, expressive, courageous, sexy, creative woman that I’d been attempting to bottle up all my life.

From there everything changed. I separated from my loving partner of 10 years, we sold our house, I closed my two businesses and moved to Canada on the other side of the world.

I began meditating and writing daily. I started practicing yoga. Art entered my life again. I continued dancing and became a certified Dancing Freedom facilitator. I trained in thai yoga massage. I got into the mountains skied, hiked, plunged into glacial rivers and felt free to be me.

For 1.5 years I lived off the proceeds of our house sale. I didn’t really ‘work’, I just lived and learned – a lot… I began living the life of my dreams.

Then my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I headed back to Australia for what I thought would be 2-3 months. 8 months later I finally set off again. The toughest 8 months of my life. Facing death, facing inherited stories and beliefs, facing my own guilt and ‘shoulds’ and all the things that I could easily use as a reason not to let myself live the life that is mine to live.

I know what it’s like to feel trapped in a life that just somehow isn’t yours. I know what it’s like to feel like an insane person for wanting something different, when what you have looks perfect. I know what it’s like to tie yourself in knots of responsibility, or guilt, or doubt, or fear… And I’m passionate about dissolving those blocks with the power of honest expression, creativity, movement, vulnerable connection and community.

Each day I hold my own hand in the courageous journey that is ‘living my life with honesty’. To walk that path with others is a source of joy, inspiration and honour. Because in the end that’s what this is all about. Flowstate. Feeling the flow of your unique life and essence and embracing it wholeheartedly. Letting it flow out into the world around you where it meets and weaves magic with others.

I look forward to meeting you and co-creating awesomeness with you!


'You are a Supernova' - Original art by me, Uschi. (Prints available).