Women’s Wellness and Selfcare Program. It’s all about reconnecting with your body and your sense of joy, aliveness, strength and expression as a woman – and there will be some substantial discounts for your doTERRA customers. (Details below)

The program will give you practical tools and knowledge to help you feel at home in your body and find your centre and strength – even when life throws a few curve balls. It’s about finding your way back to joy, passion, confidence, strength and creativity… And we’ll include mind-body-heart and soul in the process. Self-care practices that include movement, mindfulness, positive psychology, plant-based health, beauty and wellness… Plus some unique Uschi vibes and magic.

It’ll incorporate movement (yoga, pilates and a touch of dance); simple mindfulness and stress-management techniques; self-compassion and acceptance practices; plus the use of essential oils as a support for body, mind and soul. Best of all and quite uniquely it will include REALLY empowering information that supports you to understand how our mind-and-body work together to directly shape our health and wellness. I’ll weave insights from neuroscience, quantum physics, recent research on trauma recovery and ancient healing arts. That might sound like gobble-di-gook, but trust me it’ll be easy to comprehend and it’ll totally revolutionise your understanding of health and vitality and the power of our minds and hearts.


· 4 movement classes that you can download and do anywhere. A combination of flowing yoga and pilates with a touch of mindfulness to ground down and relax.

· Mindfulness practices that you can do anywhere – centering, calming and nourishing. (There’s a small kit bag of different meditation forms so you can pick what works best for you).

· Body-based tools and practices that help to regulate the nervous system. (Things to lift and enliven when you’re feeling slow and frozen; and things to calm and ground when you’re feeling wired.) These are quick ‘energy-shifters’.

· Natural beauty and cleaning recipes using essential oils.

· Awesome music playlists to help you get your groove on. Plus a video introduction to conscious dance and how it can help you to become more comfortable in your skin,

· liberate your expression, confidence and creativity as a women – while also helping you to connect with your innate wisdom and inner guidance.

We are so much more than a random bag of skin and bone. We are each a unique expression of energy – and our bodies are the physical expression of that.

Here’s the thing – your vibe matters!!! Not just to others, but to you. In fact, it’s the very thing that directly shapes and affects your physical health and wellness.

True health, vitality and aliveness is about so so so much more than the food you eat and the exercise you do. It’s about how you FEEL from inside-out. Emotions are energy. Your body is energy in motion – you are energy (and creativity) in motion.

When we begin to understand this, we begin to truly understand our power to heal and transform. We begin to see our role as co-creators of life. We begin to sense our wholeness and our hearts – no matter what shape we’re in… And it’s from here that the magic path to purpose, passion and liberated aliveness starts.

For too long we’ve been sold stories that reduce us to random bags of flesh and bone that are beset with illness and disease. But I’m here to tell you it’s JUST NOT TRUE!

You have so much power. Everything that arises in your body is a messenger pointing to the parts of you simply waiting to be seen, accepted and loved.

This program is about feeling liberated, strong and joyful in your body and your life.

It includes online movement classes, mindfulness practices, great music playlists, plus plant-based wisdom to feel more at peace and connected with your body - andmore balanced, calm and alive in your life at large.

You can join me from anywhere in the world (for those of you who've been missing my classes - here's a chance to move with me again! Yippee!!!).

What it includes...

Yoga-pilates classes (to connect with your body, and find strength, mobility and balance)

mindfulness and meditation downloads (to feel calm and centred)

unique insights from neuroscience, quantum physics and psychology that explain how our mind, emotions and physical wellbeing are DIRECTLY linked - and what this means for your ability to learn, heal and change in body and mind.

reflective activities (to tune into your heart, passion and wisdom)

plant and nature-based beauty and wellness (to detox for natural radiance);

curated music playlists for your yoga practice; for free-form dance; and/or to wind down and calm yourself and the family;

movement exploration activities to feel more playful, liberated, safe and confident in your body; and

We'll explore body and mind-based activities that enable you to take greater control over how you feel and ACT - within your body, your emotions and your life.

This program isn't simply a series of yoga moves and meditation downloads. I want to provide you with information that reframes the way you view yourself, your body, your mind, your place within life - and your power to heal. It's time for us to rediscover the miracle of our minds and bodies, the power of our hearts and nature's healing support.

The program runs for 8 weeks starting in September (with ongoing access to recordings, classes and downloads after that).

It's $90 ... or totally free (depending how you register)

Purchase the program for $90 (AUD) All you need to do is use this paypal.me/uschisteedman link and send me $90AUD.

Or get free registration when you purchase a Home Essentials essential oil kit from me in July or August. (We use essential oils throughout the course, so if you don't have a kit at home this is a great saving.) Simply follow this link for instructions on how to place your order.

Join before July 28th and you'll also be part of the 'founding member' pre-program classes.

1 online movement class per week until the program starts - (recorded so you can access it any time)

downloadable 20 minute morning movement flow

This is a great way to get yourself moving and making gradual, loving changes straight away. And we get to 'hang together' sooner! ... No need to wait until September!
Here are the two links again:

Why am I creating this?
...Because I want to share the things that have helped me most in life. And I believe fiercely in the power of nature, our bodies and our hearts - and I want more of us to rediscover that power.

I want you to feel calm, strong and connected in your body and life.

I want you to feel at home in your body and on this Earth.

I want you to feel liberated to move and express freely.

I want you to feel there is space for YOU and your joy in life.

I want you to feel a sense of acceptance and belonging both within yourself and with life around you.

Because if you ask me, THAT is what healing and wellbeing are all about. If we're not supporting these qualities, then it doesn't matter how many push-ups we can do and how many green juices we drink - we're still not going to FEEL vital, alive, passionate, clear, creative and content.

THIS is what self-care is about. Honouring yourself, honouring your needs, getting to know yourself, connecting with your body, moving with joy, listening to your heart, expressing from your heart and tapping into the healing power of nature.

Sure, that's not an overnight project (in fact it's a life-long journey)... But I want to give you tools and support to take with you along the way.

Just to clarify the registration options...
There are two registration options. You can pay $90 for the program or purchase a $330 essential oil kit and get free access to the program.
Here's some more detail of what's included in each option.

$90 gets you

8 x online yoga-pilates classes ($80 value)

2 x downloadable audio mindfulness practices ($20 value)

6 x music playlists (via Spotify) ($30 value)

8 x weekly live calls - one theme per week related to movement, wellness, selfcare and mind-body medicine. ($80 value)

Weekly mind-body movement videos - short exercises and movement practices to explore mind-body connection and how we can feel safer, stronger, more balanced, more calm and free in our bodies and lives. ($80 value)

6 x weekly worksheets and reflective practices.

Weekly tips on plant and nature-based wellness, beauty and selfcare.

Membership of the private program facebook group - for group connection and support and contact without me during the 8 weeks.

1 x 20 minute private coaching call with me ($25 value)

Total value of $315
...You can register by transferring me $90 AUD here - https://www.paypal.com/paypalme2/uschisteedman
Get on it before July 28th and you'll get exclusive access to the weekly online movement classes in the lead-up to the actual program in September!! Don't miss out - this little extra and the group are going to be fun! I can tell. :-)
(Just as an aside - I know it's always somewhat weird/random assigning dollar value to each thing like this - but I've simply done it to give you a rough idea of the cumulative value).