Our world needs leaders, hosts, teachers and visionaries who can compassionately and courageously bring people together in ways that foster collaboration, embrace diversity and make visible the innate wisdom and humanity in each of us.

Collaborative leadership and facilitation coaching

One-on-one coaching in facilitation and collaborative leadership. For facilitators, managers, leaders, teachers and anyone who wishes to lead events, meetings, teams, workshops/training or conversations that engage hearts and minds; deepen understanding; harness collaborative potential; and create spaces for transformation. 

Sessions occur online or in person depending on your location. Each clients' program is specifically tailored to their unique priorities, challenges and context. However, all coaching has a strong grounding in self-awareness and the development of powerful communication and facilitation skills that are applicable to any realm in which people come together (business, government, not-for-profit, education, community - and family!).

Potential areas/themes for exploration and coaching support:

Teamwork, building 'groupness' and creating safety
Listening and communicating with heart and mind
Process design and outline/agenda planning
Hosting challenging encounters and conversations
Collaborative decision-making
Conflict resolution
Working with rank, power and diversity
Emotional resilience
Working in environments of change
Self-awareness and self-care for leaders and facilitators
Giving hearable messages and providing feedback
Harnessing intuition
Integrating movement and creativity
Reflection and evaluation methods

Facilitation training

Face-to-face, hands-on facilitation and collaborative leadership training for facilitators, hosts, leaders, managers, workshop/retreat convenors, teachers and anyone with a need or desire to create transformational, collaborative teams and group experiences.

Training adopts a two-level approach combining:

practical groupwork and communication skills and processes that are easy to understand and use; and
self-reflective practices to build self-awareness, leadership capacity and emotional resilience. 

What to expect

Training is undertaken in a group setting with a maximum of 20 participants.
You'll get your hands dirty! Sessions are highly participatory, build on people's existing experiences and skills, and work with 'live' issues of relevance to the group. 
You'll engage all of you. Be prepared to weave your mind, your heart, your body - and all the little aspects of yourself you always thought were completely irrelevant to your 'work' life.
You'll reflect lots and learn tonnes - about yourself, about others, and about how to create spaces for human connection and collaboration.
Sessions runs from anywhere between 2hrs to weekly/monthly workshops over a period of months. 
Public or in-house training is available.

Training areas/topics

Facilitation skills
Challenging encounters and conversations
Conflict to collaboration
Collaborative decision-making
Collaborative leadership
Emotional resilience
Teamwork and building groupness 

Training can also be tailored to your organisation's specific needs, priorities and challenges.