There's a certain magic, a certain sense of possibility and co-creativity that emerges when we come together to talk, to move, to express - with authenticity and courage. Roadblocks can dissolve, limiting beliefs can evaporate and collaboration can bubble forth from the collective wisdom of those assembled.

Facilitation and groupwork services

Well-designed processes and facilitation services to foster understanding, connection and collaboration. Blending dialogue-based facilitation with creative group processes, dance/movement, art and music to invite innovation, intuition, authenticity and artistry into the way we live, work and play. 

Suitable for meetings, conferences, retreats, workshops, planning processes, community engagement and educational settings these services aim to:

help people hear one another
embrace difference and diversity to uncover creative solutions
create safe spaces for honest expression
engage mind, body and heart - harnessing the wisdom that each aspect brings
invite each participant to offer their unique perspective, skills and experiences

Professional facilitation can support your group to make collaborative decisions; journey safely through conflict; vision and plan for the future; and deepen connection and understanding. 

Services are tailored to each group and its purpose/intention; and groups can range from small to large (in the latter case a facilitation team is assembled). 

Online facilitation

Virtual spaces for collaboration and creativity that connect people around the globe. An integration of the principles, processes and intention of face-to-face facilitation, with the world of online meetings.

In today's world of business and diplomacy, the need for honest, open, human connection is just as vital online, as it is face-to-face. 

Professional, online facilitation builds the structure and safety necessary for authentic connection, wise action and effective communication over the web.