A one day retreat to reconnect with your body, your intuition, your passion and your power as a women. 

Mindful movement, time in nature, facilitated reflection and conversation to support you to lead from a place of self-love and balance. 

10am - 5:30pm, Saturday 2nd June 2018

WHO'S IT FOR? This is for any woman who wants to lead life with greater balance, to honour her body and to allow her expression and creativity. As women we're leading when we have the courage to listen in to our souls, honour our bodies, express from our hearts and create with passion. This retreat is about supporting one another to find the courage to do just that - to lead with body, mind, heart and soul. 


WHERE? Held in the beautiful mountains of North-East Victoria near Mansfield. The retreat is a 3 hour drive from inner city Melbourne and once you're here you'll spend the day surrounded by mountains and nature.

WHAT WILL WE DO? By tuning into our bodies and connecting with nature, we make space to reconnect with ourselves, our truth, our passion and our power. During the retreat we'll use mindful movement, time in nature and facilitated reflection and conversation to tune into our innate wisdom, to find greater balance in life and to clarify and express our needs and visions.

In daily life it can be hard to tune into your body, your heart and your soul to discover what it is you need, and what you're being called to create. And even if you know the answers, fears and doubts can block the way. This retreat is about creating the time to tune in and then move forward in life with greater self-love and balance.

The day will include a nourishing mix of yoga, dance, time in nature, meditation, personal reflection and facilitated conversation. As a group we'll support each other to access our own innate wisdom, clarify what we need and then express and act on it.

WHAT ABOUT FOOD!? We'll provide nutritious and delicious snacks and lunch throughout the day. And all of our meals will be prepared by Spice of Life certified food coach Andy Kappes.


$120 early bird (until Wed 2nd May)   |   $140 not-so-early bird (until 14th May)   |   $160 sleepy-bird (until 30th May)

All prices include:

  • yoga, mindful movement, meditation and guided nature activities;
  • facilitated reflection and conversation;
  • take-home reflection/journalling booklet,
  • Rustic Hyde selfcare affirmation card deck (RRP $24.95); and 
  • access to the Samprada Online Selfcare Program (RRP $45)

Not able to pay up-front? ... That's cool - there's a payment plan.

Make a $60 deposit to secure your place and pay the balance before the start of the retreat on June 1... If you pay the deposit before the early-bird cut-off you'll retain the early-bird rate! (Early bird ends Wednesday May 2nd). 

Simply click here and then enter the following discount code at checkout: RECONNECT-DEPOSIT



ABOUT USCHI: Uschi is a movement teacher, inspiration agent and facilitator with a deep passion for the power of mindful movement, creativity, groupwork and time in nature. With a background in yoga, pilates, dance and groupwork facilitation, Uschi supports people to harvest their innate wisdom, reconnect with themselves, and to express and lead from a place of authenticity and heart. 

Her workshops and retreats are a unique blend of movement-based and conversation-based self-discovery. As an Associate with the Groupwork Institute, Uschi weaves the Institute's powerful models of communication and self-awareness with embodiment and meditation practices.

"I'm passionate about the power of honest, heart-centred communication; the liberating force of creativity; and the wisdom of the body.

I believe we co-create the world we live in. I believe we all have gifts to share. And I believe we're all here to support one another on that journey." - Uschi -

Read more about Uschi here.


ABOUT PETA: Living in the heart of the High Country of Victoria, founder of Rustic Hyde Skincare, wife and mum of two, Peta is a qualified Beauty Therapist, Holistic Life Coach, Mind-Body Practitioner and Energy Therapist. 

With a deep and abiding passion for empowering woman Peta’s aim is to help women ‘rewire’ negative thoughts, beliefs and behaviours around self care, connect with their intuition and inspire them to live a life that lights up their soul.

ABOUT ANDY: Andy is a mum, long-time teacher and inspiring food enthusiast and coach. Since childhood Andy has had a passion for food - the joy of preparing and sharing meals, zesty flavours, simple wholesome ingredients and the happiness and health it brings to life. 

For 18 years she has taught home economics in schools and with a Diploma in Nutrition and Food Coaching she now also supports adults and families to discover the ease and joy of preparing vibrant, nutritious meals.