Conscious dance workshops and classes

"Dance is a doorway into your true self – your whole, vibrant, creative and authentic self. Movement accesses the wisdom in our bodies, releases the tension in our minds and unlocks creative potential on an individual and collective basis." - Uschi

Conscious dance classes and workshops unleash creativity, expression, courage and insight through human movement. Dance classes run as stand-alone events or part of conferences, retreats, training events, innovation labs or festivals. 

There are no set steps in these classes. And you can't do it wrong. You're free to move in your own way - free to express every facet of yourself. You'll learn about yourself; you'll unearth gifts, shift doubts and rewrite old patterns; and you'll discover your innate creativity and sense of self. All while dancing to awesome tunes!

What to expect

A welcoming and safe space.   |    Guidance and facilitation to help you and your group relax into the dance.    |    Classes tailored to explore a particular theme/intention/purpose.    |    Great beats and tunes.    |    A bit of a challenge and a lot of freedom.    |    Mega doses of good endorphins.    |    A dose of any or all of the following - inspiration, liberation, joy, peace, insight and new perspective.    |    A greater sense of connection to yourself and to others.