Art and movement classes and workshops

Art and dance are learning laboratories for life. Through creative practice and movement we learn to experiment, risk, play, loosen up, 'fail' and dive in again. And in the process we grow courage, creativity, forgiveness, curiosity and heart. 

These sessions integrate writing, art and dance into workshops, retreats and training events as a means to tap participants' and groups' innate creativity, innovation and insight. 

Through movement and art we can 'wriggle past' some of the perceived limitations and stories of the rational mind - discovering new perspectives and the means to collaborate and communicate in more honest, authentic, creative and heart-based ways. 

What to expect

Sessions are tailored to the event/workshop/session and each activity has a clear intention that directly supports the over-arching purpose of the gathering. 

Dance, writing and art are integrated with 'traditional' dialogue-based facilitation processes to integrate the perspectives and lessons that arise from the creative process.