Wellness & creativity coaching

I believe health and joy arise from the well-spring of your passion and purpose in life. Share the fullness of who you are; listen to the wisdom of your body and the guidance of your heart - and the rest will flow. 

Greater balance arises when we embrace all the facets of ourselves. Body. Mind. Heart. Soul. That's why my approach to coaching weaves together movement and wellness, communication and dialogue, creativity and mindfulness. It also happens to be a blend of all the things I love most in life!

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Dare to dream... Then dare to create.

Creativity is the act of making ideas real. Life is creativity in action. And you are the artist.

I support people in the liberation of their passion and purpose - and the attainment of balance and wellness. My work blends communication and wellness coaching with creative practice, the ancient arts of meditation and mindful movement and research from the fields of science, philosophy and mind-body medicine. 

I'm all for more flow and less push. I'm up for more joy and less angst. I believe in the innate wisdom and power within each of us, and the natural capacity for healing in all of us. 

Through dance, writing, dialogue and travel I'm exploring my own role as a co-creator of this world we live in - contact me if you'd like to join the journey.