We’ve grown up in a society that teaches us to view ourselves as bits of bone and muscle that wear and tear and creak and groan. Your body is a ’thing’ you inhabit. Your thoughts and emotions, well they’re just chemical impulses… And sometimes it all gets out of balance or ‘breaks' and you need a ‘mechanic’ to ‘fix’ you. Sound familiar? It’s an extraordinarily disempowering perspective - and it’s the basis of modern, western medicine. A scientific and reductionist view of us as human beings. It leads us to view disease as ‘wrong’; and our bodies (ourselves) as ‘faulty’ and inherently prone to breakdown. It leads us to forget that we’re multidimensional beings that exist within a supportive web of life.

So let me offer a different perspective... You are NOT a machine. And you belong here.

You are not just a bag of muscle and bones that breaks. You are not faulty. Or powerless. You are not just a ‘body’ with thoughts attached and odd emotions that glitch out. You're not inanimate 'bits' of flesh, or cogs and wheels spinning that then fall apart and need glue and screws to 'fix'.

You are a miraculous body-heart-mind entity that is constantly seeking dynamic balance. Nothing arises within you without reason because you are part of a miraculous web of life that is also constantly shifting, evolving and transforming - in constant communion.

Your body, your heart, your mind and your soul are all part of the one beautiful system. Each facet constantly in communication with all of the others - and the web of life around you. Western medicine has over-emphasised the physical ‘bits’ and has unintentionally led us to feel disconnected, powerless and somehow broken… We’ve lost the bigger picture and as a result we’ve lost our sense of belonging, acceptance and power.

To feel good, to feel safe and to feel whole, you need to see and acknowledge yourself as a multidimensional being. You need to tend to the different facets of who you are (body, heart, mind, soul) and develop the capacity to see and sense your belonging within Nature.

As long as you see yourself as random bits of flesh floating in space; as long as you push aside the power and validity of your heart; as long as you repress the urgings of your soul - you’ll never feel whole. And you’ll block yourself from the innate wisdom, joy, power, liberation, life and love that flows through you.

Health, vitality, joy, clarity, love, peace… All of these things grow from our ability to see and tend to ourselves in a multidimensional way.

You can drink all the green smoothies you like and spend as many hours in the gym as you like, but if you’re not also tending to your heart and soul and your sense of connection to the stunning web of LIFE around you - you’re still going to feel ‘not quite right’.

What if instead of thinking of illness as a sign of 'wrongness' or 'fault', we instead saw it as a form of communication. What if disease isn't 'wrong'? What if it's simply a message from our body (ourselves), that is pointing to a part of us, or our lifestyle and beliefs that need a bit of attention (and love). What if it's a temporary adjustment to a particular circumstance in life? What if it's your system keeping you going in the best way it knows how? Does that thought feel a little more gentle and loving?… Does that feel a little more like the starting place for healing?

The truth is, you are a constantly evolving dance of energy and cells. There is no one pill, drug, movement or teacher that will 'fix' you. But there are practices, people, beliefs and certain environments that will help you to feel more balanced, whole, connected and alive.

And it’s those things that I want to chat about in my up-coming blog posts.

To finish up today - let me reiterate.

You are part of something beautiful and wondrous - and ‘it’ pulses through you.

Still not feeling it? …. Try this.
Go sit outside (in a garden, park or reserve; or next to a river or a tree, or on a mountain) and feel the sun on your skin. Really feel it. Be present with it. Feel the wind tussling your hair, the breath flowing in and out of your body, the wave of life that moves in and out of you - without you even trying to DO or fix a single thing.

There is a constant conversation going on between your insides and the ‘outside’ around you. The outside moves in, the inside moves out. Your hair’s growing. Your skin is shedding - and replacing. The birds are soaring on the same wind that touches your skin.
You are part of something beautiful - and it flows through you.
Open your eyes as if you were taking things in for the first time. The layers of colour and light and sound and smell. Is that not magic? … What do you notice? What do you see? What do you feel?

Let me know!
And stay tuned for more practices and insights to help you rediscover and reconnect with your innate joy, power and wisdom.

With love,