When it comes to health and healing, your relationship with yourself is what matters most. 

Last year my health hit rock bottom. Digestive issues, adrenal fatigue, menstrual irregularities, thyroid troubles. Even though I’m still healing, I feel great now. Stronger, more in tune with my body; more accepting of my body and who I am. 

Of late I’ve had a few people facing similar health challenges ask me “What made the difference for you?", “What was the key that kickstarted your healing?"

When people ask this, they’re generally expecting a remedy that’s swallowed, or a step-by-step fitness and health program to follow. But from my experience, the key to healing is something far less tangible, but equally (if not more) important. It’s the thing that makes all the rest possible: the dietary and lifestyle changes, the relationship or the career changes, and the act of acceptance that ultimately makes room for healing.

That thing is your relationship to you. Your commitment to yourself.


What does commitment to yourself look like?

It looks like you becoming your own greatest advocate.

It looks like you voicing your needs and asking for support.

It looks like you standing by what you feel and know to be true through your body (some would call this intuition).

It looks like you turning up for yourself each and every day and making time for your health, your joy, your wellness, your rest and your expression. (This one is vital!)

It looks like you admitting and surrendering to the limits of your ability - and your beautiful body.

It looks like you getting honest with yourself. No more kidding yourself and allowing yourself to use illness as a convenient excuse to avoid deeper truths that need addressing in your life. (This is a big one!)

It looks like you getting honest with others. Learn to say ‘no’ when you don’t feel a ‘yes'. Learn to say ‘Yes!’ to the things that make your heart sing. 

It looks like you being gentle with yourself.

It looks like you forgiving yourself. (That’s right - quit being so hard on yourself. Learn what you need to learn from mistakes, then choose who you wish to be and how you wish to act now. Keep getting back on that horse with persistence and forgiveness.)

It looks like you choosing to love yourself each and every day, no matter what state you’re in. 


Illness isn’t a thing you ‘fight’ through. The only person we’re fighting when we’re ill, is ourselves.


Stop fighting. Start loving. And commit.

This act of personal commitment looks oddly like surrender. It looks like acceptance of where you’re at and what you can manage in this moment. And it’s the sort of commitment that takes one simple, grateful step after another. It’s not a hard-arse kind of military commitment. It’s a gentle, loving commitment - the sort of commitment that’s in for the long haul.

Commit to loving yourself enough to make space for yourself. 
Commit to loving yourself enough to see yourself in your own vulnerability and fragility - and still show up for yourself.

Surrender the concepts of who you think you should be and embrace who you are in this moment. Look deep - below the looks, the fitness, the career, the ‘independence’, the ‘I’ve got it all together-ness’ - to your heart and essence. And then choose to love. 

This is what enables you to slowly but surely make the other external changes in life that will support your healing. Yes you’ll almost certainly have to make dietary and lifestyle changes - but they’ll come from a place filled with more love, joy, ease and grace… And these are the qualities that feed your capacity to heal. 

Slow down. Surrender. Soften. Reach out. And pour love in. 

Again. And again. And again. 

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