Our world is calling for a love rebellion. And no, I'm not talking about flower power or sitting in circles chanting. I'm talking about courageous, "Don't f*#^ with me!", expressions of love. 

What does that even mean?! What does that look like? ... It looks like a wild, raging, open heart that fearlessly feels and expresses.

Let me explain. Each day we're bombarded with messages, images, memes that speak of violence, injustice and hatred - wars, genocide, rapes, climates going hey-wire, poverty and ecosystems crumbling. It's overwhelming. It's suffocating to the point of obliterating all sense of hope. And at times like that, all we want to do is retreat - into ourselves, away from ourselves and the world we live in. We construct sand castles in the sky made of money and hope; we create diversions of greed made of drugs, food and sex; we fabricate short-lived 'fixes' of longterm disaster to busy ourselves and distract ourselves.

Because stopping to truly see, take in and witness our world is painful. The emotional intensity of it can be extreme - and so we close ourselves to our own feeling. Our own grief, our own searing anger, our disbelief, our disappointment and hopelessness, our frustration and fury. We close ourselves to our own hearts - and our love. 

You see that feeling is the pure expression of your love. It's the pure expression of your compassion. It's the well-spring of your understanding and forgiveness. It's the birthing ground of the truth that our world needs to hear... And yes, it's sourced from your sadness, your anger and even your fear. 

To stay open-hearted in times like this is the greatest act of bravery going around. Because it'll tear you apart and rebuild you again. Every. Single. Day. 

When we allow ourselves to truly feel what it is to be alive in these times, we touch upon the fierce words of love that need to be spoken and expressed. We see and acknowledge the sacred boundaries of our Earth and life. We see the common humanity and heart that binds us all across our differences and hurts. We feel the ground that's shared beneath our feet and the pulsing thread of life that beats through it... We are called to our own integrity, like never before. And we are called to hold ourselves and those around us to account. We are called to embrace our power and potential - through our hearts. 

As you let the walls of protection and distraction tumble, you'll feel yourself touch down upon the astounding gift of this thing called Life. It's preciousness. It's sacredness. It's beauty - in amongst all of the profanity and insanity. You'll see it all and hold it all, from one end of the spectrum, all the way to the other. No rejection, just plain, courageous, wild, loving sight. 

You'll remember the good that exists in every human heart. You'll see the pain that exists in every human life. You'll see with your heart, and then you'll act from your heart. No longer guarded and armed with shields of falsified separation. 

To keep loving one another in the face of all that is wrong in our world is a great act of rebellion.

Rebellious love takes it all in, feels it all and stands firm - stays open, strong and centred in the heart - even when it hurts like hell. 

That love is not a silent acceptance of injustice. It's not sitting separate on the mountain-top. It's a compassionate cry of understanding that calls us to remember who we are and what we are. It is a loving cry of rebellion that calls us to be that which we wish to be, yearn to be and can be... Free, powerful, loving, and in integrity. 

So, keep that heart open! 

Join the love rebellion - set your heart free!

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We'll chat about how you can:

Courageously speak your truth. Unleash the power of your compassion. Speak with unashamed honesty and clarity. Voice your wisdom. Honour yourself. Pour love in, while you pour love out. Connect and co-create. Give your gifts. Liberate your heart and move in alignment with your soul. 

Keep feeling. Keep moving. Keep expressing. Lead from your heart. Be real. Be you. Be seen. 

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