Want more connection, freedom and passion in life? ... Learn the art of courageous communication. 

Communication is our means to connection and liberation - whether it's through the body or voice. Because communication is expression - and expression is how we share with the world. It's how we give to the world. It's how we give of ourselves and it's how we allow ourselves to be seen and received.

Without expression there can be no true connection. Without honest communication people can't know you - the true you. And without feeling known, and seen, and heard, and received - we can never feel true belonging, truly loved or truly free.

Expressing who you are is your gift to the world - and your act of being welcomed into the world. 

Live, love & express with courageous honesty and you'll feel life expand! You'll feel seen. You'll feel free. You'll feel you!

You'll have to face a few fears though... Expressing your truth (your essence) and communicating honestly is no easy task. We hit against fears and doubts and insecurities. We come crashing up against all of the limiting beliefs that stop us from being our most powerful, radiant, creative selves... Believe me, I know all about it! 

I used to be the eternal peace-keeper, the 'nice girl', the optimist - because I was so afraid to rock the boat. I'd never admit that something was wrong, or that someone or something bothered me - I'd just work harder and smarter to get around it or them (without telling them a thing)... I'd repress, rather than express.

I used to be the 'good girl', the responsible one, the high achiever, the perfectionist. I followed the agreed steps in life (school, uni, career, partnership, house); and in many ways life was perfect. But I never let me hair down, I rarely let loose, I rarely did anything outside 'the norm', I rarely took a risk... because I feared rejection and judgment so deeply. 

In essence I didn't let my friends, family or the world see the fullness of me. And I never felt good enough as a result. So I worked harder and hustled more. I repressed more and kept that smile on my dial even when I felt like I was slowly dying inside. Meanwhile, the stress mounted and eventually I got sick. 

All because I wasn't allowing myself to be me. I wasn't honouring my needs. I wasn't following my soul's calling - because I didn't want to risk rejection or failure by expressing honestly, vulnerably and from my heart. And as a result, I was also depriving those around me of my greatest passions and gifts.

Then I learnt the art of courageous communication and began to dance myself free (quite literally). The more I danced, did art, wrote, sat in conversation with others and shared my vulnerable truths, the more connection, freedom, belonging and love I discovered in my life.

Since then I've become a student and teacher of courageous communication and embodied expression. I've traveled, adventured, written, loved and danced myself free - and the journey continues! My confidence has grown, I've discovered gifts I never knew I had, my health has improved and I've found a deep and abiding feeling of contentment within me.

Dance yourself free - one courageous step at a time! ... There's no overnight course that'll suddenly make those daring changes, creative leaps or hard to voice conversations a stroll in the park. It takes self awareness, courage, curiosity and play. But there are a few things that can make it a whole lot easier... Change and transformation doesn't have to be a hard, painful slog!

Integrate dance, movement, self-reflection, creativity and some core skills to your kit-bag and you'll feel your sense of connection and liberation sky-rocket.