Freedom is an act of surrender.

Freedom is an act of acceptance... We find freedom when we accept our limitations.

Stop trying to know the exact destination or be somewhere you're not. When we drop the concepts of who we think we should be, we land in a place of freedom. 


This is a lesson I come back to again and again! I went through a phase where I railed against the limits of my body, my finances and pretty much my entire life in general! I have an almost insatiable 'freedom-drive' in me. I get it. I know the feeling.

The freedom to do what we want, go where we want, live how we want and say what we want. We can feel limited by our present circumstances - by how much money we have (or don't have), how fit or healthy we are (or aren't), how much time we have (or don't have). And sure, these circumstances are totally real and valid, but grasping for more of everything and pushing against our limits isn't the path to greater freedom - it simply accentuates the sense of lack and confinement.

You don't need to push and fight.

Here's the thing, freedom from illness or injury doesn't come from fighting harder, it comes from accepting your present state so that healing can begin. 

Freedom from poverty doesn't come from borrowing ever increasing amounts of money, it comes from accepting your present limitations and building from there.

Freedom from feeling like you're time poor doesn't come from staying up later, it comes from knowing your priorities, honouring your boundaries and going to bed earlier. 

Accept your limits.

This may not be a popular message in a socio-economic system that feeds off all the images of more. I realise I'm bursting a bubble here. But you know what, maybe you can't have it all. In fact, I'd like to bet you can't have it all... Good news is, maybe you don't need to have it all to feel free!? How awesome is that! 

It's when we accept our limits that we find our freedom. When we let go of the visions of perfect health, infinite cash-flow and flawless bodies we suddenly let out a jolly great big sigh and feel a whole heap freer ... Freeeeeedom! Yes, there it is. The freedom to be you, as you are now, where you are now, within the bounds of your stunning human body, on this stunning finite Earth.

Start where you are and keep showing up.

Okay. Start from here. What does freedom look like from this place? In your life, in this moment right now? What does freedom look like, feel like and mean to you? 

(Here's a hint, try dropping some of your expectations. The preconceived notions of what the perfect house looks like, the preconceived notions of what the perfect body looks like, the preconceived notions of what any of it should look like - and instead focus on what is here now and what it feels like to be free.)

Accept your limitations and find that feeling in whatever way you can within your present circumstances. If you have an injury or you're not that fit and you want to feel free in your body, then move within your body's limits. Keep doing that every day and, as if by some magic, you'll actually become freer.

Accept where you are now. Accept who you are now, and start from that place. Then keep showing up every day.

Magic will happen. 

PS. If freedom is acceptance and acceptance is love... Then perhaps it's love we're seeking when we yearn for freedom... Next blog coming up!...

Complement this piece with the poem 'When Restriction Becomes Liberty'

Blog image by Vincentiu Solomon on Unsplash

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