We disconnect from our bodies to avoid hurt.

As David Whyte says, "When we are fully here, we can be fully found... When you can be touched, you can be hurt."

And yet, the honour of being here and touchable and hurt-able is the great gift of our aliveness. As long as we disconnect and as long as we numb, we deny life, we deny love, we deny belonging and acceptance.

To reconnect with your body, to reconnect with the Earth, is to come home to Life and your place within the grand web of all things.

You'll not be left untouched, you'll not be left unscathed, at times it'll hurt - but the journey's worth it for the welcome home to your heart.

Feel. Touch. Hurt. Heal... and Love. Always love... Body. Heart. Soul.

"The soul is the part of you attempting to belong to the world in the most whole way... We are hence scared of the soul...

"Crisis emancipates us back to a full conversation with life... Our soul pulls us to this." (David Whyte)

Accept the ups, accept the downs. It's all okay. It's all part of the journey back to wholeness.

Accept it all.
The ugly bits, the sticky shit.
The sunshine and moonshine.
The punch-drunk, love-struck swoon.
The cutting pain
that makes you want to holler
at the moon.
The hopelessness,
of dejected not knowing-ness.

Accept it all.
Be with it - in the dark and day,
until you find your way
to the tender, still
beating heart of you.
The part that see through
it all,
to that which binds us all, 
finds us all,
and you.


Words: Uschi Steedman   |   Image: Hayley Melrose