There’s music playing somewhere in your soul. There’s a part of you dancing, even while you’re still. Your spirit is singing even in the midst of sadness. And though that song may be grief – it’s beautiful, and that is joyful.

It’s possible no-one has ever told you this, but there is an endless stream of joy in you – no matter what’s going on around you.

This might seem an absurd thing to say given the state of affairs in our world or your life at present – but it’s true.

Life throws us curve balls. Sometimes we duck them and get thrown off course in the process. Or we get hit; we get shaken; we get hurt. And yep, we feel it – often deeply.

Anger, hurt, disappointment, sadness, confusion, fatigue and hopelessness can all surface. Or maybe you just feel frozen numb – overwhelmed by the whole darn lot.

But you know what, even amongst all of that there’s still joy.

I've had a few curve balls thrown my way of late. My dad is fighting cancer in hospital and it's not looking good. In order to see my dad I left Canada, packed up my belongings for the 11th time in 2.5 years - only two weeks after moving into my own home for the first time in 10 months. And on leaving, I said goodbye to friends and loved ones and don't know how long I'll be gone. My work is pretty much on hold, I can feel financial pressures brewing and life feels somewhat in limbo.

And yet somehow, in amongst all of that and in amongst the sadness, frustration, anger and the sense of total lack of control - there is still joy. Each day, I discover it patiently waiting for me if I simply allow myself the time and space to meet it.

Admittedly, that's often easier said than done. Joy is sometimes buried under a mound of guilt ("how dare I feel happy when all this shit is going on"); or pushed aside by gripping fear; or smudged over by a haze of confusion.

None of that means it has departed from your life though. It hasn’t packed its bags and headed to Siberia. Trust me, it’s still there - it’s just hidden.

And you are able and allowed to feel it alongside the other emotions. You are entitled to all of your feelings, including joy. No matter what.

The question is how to find that bubbling brook of contentment?

Well often you have to muster the courage to feel all the other stuff on top first. You’ve gotta cry the tears, express the anger, voice the confusion and feel the desperation. You need to vulnerably open yourself to the grand tide of your own emotions and your heart.

Sometimes that feels impossible though – there’s too much there. It’s like some grand tsunami that’ll drown you if you engage with it. In which case, there is another way in – and that’s through your body (rather than your mind or your thoughts).

Our bodies hold, or are at the very least connected to, all of our emotions and our thoughts. So movement and engagement with our bodies is a way to shift and express emotion in a way that can feel a lot less confronting, and a lot safer.

So what might that engagement look like? Well, it might be a walk in nature – feeling your feet on the ground, smelling the trees around you and sensing the sunlight on your skin. It might be a yoga session – feeling the restrictions and just letting them be as you keep breathing. It might be a run to vent energy. It might be dance to express and put a shape to your sadness or frustration.

Whatever you do, don’t be afraid of the feeling in your body. Remember, it’s just your body. It’s just muscle and skin and bones and ligaments. It’s the thing you’ve lived in all your life. There’s no need to fear it or what it feels like. Sense as much as feels safe – not more, not less. Don’t push – or completely retreat.

And while you’re hanging out with your body, take a moment to open your perception to even the tiniest pocket of spaciousness, or light, or movement. It’ll be there, somewhere. Don’t hunt. Just open to it, invite it – as you feel, move and meditate.

There’s music playing somewhere in your soul. There’s a part of you dancing, even while you’re still. Your spirit is singing even in the midst of sadness. And though that song may be grief – it’s beautiful, and that is joyful.

Be willing to listen, move and feel – and eventually you’ll make it to that magical stream of joy that endlessly flows inside.

Trust me. 

Make time for you and your joy in life!

Finding time for you can be hard when life gets busy or when things get tough... But when aren't we busy, and when don't we have challenges?! 

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